Institution name: “Petru Maior” University of  Tîrgu Mureş

Tax registration code: 4322831

Institution address: 1 Nicolae Iorga Street, 540088 Tîrgu Mureş


First name and surname: Prof. CălinEnăchescu,PhD

Position: Rector



First name and surname: Prof. Eng.habil. Liviu Moldovan, PhD

Position: Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and International Relations



The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the increase in the quality and the international dimension of education and scientific research at UPM in the European context of the Bologna Process, by improving the strategic approach, in line with the provisions of National Education Law No. 1/2011 (LEN).

In the long term, the project will lead to a better adaptation of the higher education offered by UPM to international requirements and to the increase of the international students’ access to UPM programs, and to a better visibility of scientific research results

  • Specific Objective 1:

    Internationalization by promoting a culture of internationalization within the university – “internationalization at home” (L1-L6);

  • Specific Objective 2:

    Internationalization of study programs, attracting international students and internationalization of students, academic and non-academic staff (L2-L6);

  • Specific Objective 3:

    Increasing the international visibility of UPM in scientific research (L3-L6).;

Justification of the need to implement the project

UPM is facing a decrease in the number of national students and is looking for international students in order to stop the decline in the total number of enrolled students.

The number of Erasmus students is increasing, but they are not offered study programs in English.

The teaching staff require training and certification for teaching in English.

The Central Region, its industry and development function in an increasingly European context, and the curriculum needs to be adapted to economic realities.

UPM has identified the need to develop very active international relations in the field of academic teaching and scientific research, based on principles of joint strategies with partners, and evaluated in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of established relationships,assupport for institutional development, and of ensuring financial sustainability.

In this context, UPM has identified the need to expand its internationalization activities, the gathered examples of good practice, the alignmentwith internationalization trends in education and scientific research, mainly by developing and authorizing study programs in English,by identifying foreign students interested in studying in Romania, the integration in international research networks, the increase in international visibility, all of these being possible with the financial support of CNFIS within the present project.

Project coordinator


prof.eng.dr.habil. Liviu MOLDOVAN

Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and International Relations